101 Dalmations, the Musical — Review

There are three reasons to see 101 DALMATIONS, THE MUSICAL….1) Rachel York, 2) Rachel York, and 3) Rachel York. Playing Cruella DeVil she has enough energy for three shows — look out Glenn Close, your nemesis has arrived. Rachel York in 101 Dalmations, The Musical. Cast, kids, and Dogs in 101 Dalmations, the Musical Ok,Continue reading “101 Dalmations, the Musical — Review”

My First Day at Day Camp, Guest Post by Ch. Madison Baumanis

Ron dropped me off at PetsHotel at PetSmart this morning, and I have to admit, I was a bit nervous at first. He has never left me alone anywhere for the first month…and I didn’t like seeing him go, so I barked a bit. But as soon as he was gone, there were wonders toContinue reading “My First Day at Day Camp, Guest Post by Ch. Madison Baumanis”

A Place Called Home…(Dog Version)…

Madison came home this week from the Humane Society of Huron Valley. She’s a Black Lab puppy that was surrendered by a family that could not take care of her when an elderly Alzheimers parent came to live with them. I went to take a peak at who was there, and this little Black LabContinue reading “A Place Called Home…(Dog Version)…”

Gabe Update…Black Labs, Vets, and Pills

Many have been asking about Gabe — thought I would dedicate today’s post to his current health and welfare. First off, here’s a photo from the other day — he looks good, but his health continues to pose problems. Gabe has liver cancer, and he’s just finished Day 141 post diagnosis. We’ve had two closeContinue reading “Gabe Update…Black Labs, Vets, and Pills”