Goodbye, Friend

Rest in Peace, Gabe…Aug 31, 1998 – April 13, 2009


Photo taken October 31st, one day after his liver cancer diagnosis and first brush with death. He lived 167 days beyond that, with two other close calls. His energy and heart gave out this morning. I will miss my friend, but I know he’s off chasing squirrels in dog heaven somewhere.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Friend

  1. I know what it’s like to lose a pet. They are not just pets, but dear friends with unconditional love. I’m sure you have great memories. All the best.

  2. Ron,
    I take comfort in your post about Gabe. Our dear Benjamin was diagnosed yesterday with liver cancer and sadly it is inoperable and chemo would not work on this type of cancer. We have him on prednisone and denamarin and after reading about Gabe I’m going to ask his vet about interferon. Benjamin is my dearest companion so please say a little prayer for him that his golden days may be as good as possible.

  3. Best Wishes and thoughts, Valerie! You might also like to ask about Resources CAS Options and Resources Blood and Energy supplements. They are basically vitamins, but they really seemed to have helped. Of course, it gets expensive, and after awhile, your pet will decide if he’s had enough of them. It makes for a lot of pills each day — but I put them in Cream Cheese, and off they went just like snacks.

    I was very happy that we had an additional many many months of good time left together after Gabe’s diagnosis. I miss him every day, but I do now have a new dog in my life too, and the circle of life continues.

    All best thoughts and prayers.

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