Croswell announces 2017-18 Special Event Series

Croswell announces 2017-18 Special Event Series Concerts, musicals, a play, a children’s show, and more are coming up this fall, winter and spring at the Croswell Opera House. The Croswell’s 2017-18 Special Event Series will run from October through April. It includes a few previously announced events plus several new shows. “The Family Digs” (Oct.Continue reading “Croswell announces 2017-18 Special Event Series”

Avenue A Capella Auditions

  Caught up in the acapella craze yet? Well if you are a vocalist and you like acapella music, here’s your chance! Wyandotte’s Downriver Actors Guild has a terrific group now going on its second season called Avenue A Capella and they are holding replacement auditions on February 12th beginning at 6:00 pm. The groupContinue reading “Avenue A Capella Auditions”

A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On at Croswell’s “Million Dollar Quartet” (Review)

You’d be hard-pressed not to think that the Broadway tour of Million Dollar Quartet has made a stop in Adrian, MI, because this production, launching the 2016 summer season at Croswell Opera House is that terrific. Start with the remarkable set by Doug Miller. Upon entering the theater, you’re greeted by his car-part-shop-turned-studio set, andContinue reading “A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On at Croswell’s “Million Dollar Quartet” (Review)”

AACT’s “Company” is solid, entertaining (review)

Love it or hate it, Sondheim and Furth’s musical “Company” makes a solid and entertaining appearance at Ann Arbor Civic Theatre this weekend. Tinkered with more than any other of Sondheim’s shows, the current version of the script isn’t necessarily the best, but it is what MTI has chosen to license. Ann Arbor Civic TheaterContinue reading “AACT’s “Company” is solid, entertaining (review)”

How I select musicals to direct (Musical Theater class 201)

Awhile back, someone asked me how I pick musicals that I would like to direct. I promised I would do a follow up to my post on good shows for large venues vs small venues with a personal selection article — so here it finally is. And its timely as I am doing just that forContinue reading “How I select musicals to direct (Musical Theater class 201)”

A Midsummer Night’s Dream…Michigan Shakespeare Festival 2015 Off to a Great Start

Okay, truth be told, I should not review shows at the Michigan Shakespeare Festival, since I am the Vice Chair on the Board of Directors of the MSF. But that doesn’t mean I can’t tell you about it anyway. And its my blog. So if it happens to be a great production I can mention that,Continue reading “A Midsummer Night’s Dream…Michigan Shakespeare Festival 2015 Off to a Great Start”

Michigan Shakespeare Festival 2015 — Ready to go!

Hello fellow Shakespeare lovers! You know me as the owner/reviewer of my blog —…but I wear other hats as well…I own and work as a neuropsychologist at BrainTrainers Brain Injury Day Program…I direct (coming up: Bonnie & Clyde for Encore Musical Theatre Company)…I perform (this summer as Mr. Simmons in Memphis the musical atContinue reading “Michigan Shakespeare Festival 2015 — Ready to go!”

Encore’s “South Pacific” Steps it up a Notch (Review)

Of all the Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals, The Sound of Music and South Pacific are my favorites. The former is as fresh as the day it was written. The latter has seen better days. But there is no doubting that Encore Musical Theatre Company’s production (seen in preview) is beautiful and well-done…in fact, it stepsContinue reading “Encore’s “South Pacific” Steps it up a Notch (Review)”

Amazing Jeremy Jordan at Dexter’s Encore Musical Theatre Company (Event Review)

The Encore Musical Theatre Company has never looked as spiffed-up as it did last night at the spectacular fundraiser featuring Jeremy Jordan. In all honesty, I can not start this review without stating the deep pride I feel for Encore’s Founders, Board of Directors, Employees, Staff, and Volunteers. What occurred last night was more thanContinue reading “Amazing Jeremy Jordan at Dexter’s Encore Musical Theatre Company (Event Review)”

“Guys on Ice” at Encore is funny, quirky, and has heart

If your favorite shows are “Oklahoma” and “Brigadoon” you are probably not the target market for Guys on Ice, the current offering at Encore Musical Theatre Company — but for the rest of us, it is funny, quirky, and sometimes shows heart. A huge hit throughout Wisconsin theatres, and even with some previous local productionsContinue reading ““Guys on Ice” at Encore is funny, quirky, and has heart”