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A Place Called Home…(Dog Version)… June 13, 2009

Posted by ronannarbor in Pets.
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Madison came home this week from the Humane Society of Huron Valley. She’s a Black Lab puppy that was surrendered by a family that could not take care of her when an elderly Alzheimers parent came to live with them.

Madison Eye

I went to take a peak at who was there, and this little Black Lab head popped out of her kennel and that is as far as I got. My last Black lab (Gabe’s) final months are well documented in this blog…

But now – a new pup at home! There’s noise in the house again, and it’s all good — she’s housebroken, behaves well in the house, and sleeps through the night. I’ve been able to leave her alone in the house for up to 4 hours with no problems. Yeah!  Good girl!

She does come with the requisite 6-month old pup qualities — lots of energy, banging into walls, jumping, flying through the air, and running around the backyard like she was a banshee…

But it certainly makes you wonder about the decisions people make about pets. If you are going to get a pup, then that pup is not disposable when someone new enters your life (or on this case old). There is absolutely nothing about this beautiful pup that would have prevented peaceful coexistance. She was obviously loved – she is well groomed, and she looks like she had a bath and nails clipped before the family brought her to the Humane Society…so it makes one even sadder at the decision that this family had to make to surrender her.

Anyway — enough diatribes — their loss is my gain. And in the four days shes been with me so far, I have come to learn that she loves chasing after birds, doesn’t walk well on a leash yet, and is not as good a poser for photos as my previous lab…

Luckily, I am on vacation for the next few weeks, so there will be lots of good bonding time, even if this vacation has instantly become a stay-cation. Well worth it for the new pup that’s running the house. And how great is it to have noise in the house and someone to greet me when I walk in the door! Somewhere Gabe is smiling, and thinking I’m a fool for adopting another Black Lab, and happy she is safe and sound and out of the shelter.


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