Very Funny “Criminal Hearts” at Ann Arbor Civic Theater (Review)

Cami Fussey has directed a very funny production of Jane Martin’s “Criminal Hearts” at Ann Arbor Civic Theater, and you have one more chance to catch it as it only plays this one weekend (the usual Ann Arbor Civic Theater dilemma). Telling you much about the plot would ruin the twists and turns, but asContinue reading “Very Funny “Criminal Hearts” at Ann Arbor Civic Theater (Review)”

The Mystery of Edwin Drood is Satisfying, Enjoyable, First Rate (Review – Ann Arbor Civic Theatre)

“DroooooooooD!” Do you find reading this name to yourself is a little amusing? Bet your lips puckered without your realizing it. Try saying it aloud; bet you can’t without having a little fun with it. At A2CT’s hilarious production of  “The Mystery of Edwin Drood” at the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre this weekend, you can thinkContinue reading “The Mystery of Edwin Drood is Satisfying, Enjoyable, First Rate (Review – Ann Arbor Civic Theatre)”

Charming “Morning’s at Seven” – AACT (review)

There is a lovely production of Paul Osborn’s “Morning’s at Seven” (yes, that apostrophe is correct, the title comes from a Browning poem) at Ann Arbor Civic Theatre at the Arthur Miller Theatre on UM’s North Campus this weekend. Under the able direction of TJ Johnson, excellent veteran acting of the show’s older characters, gorgeousContinue reading “Charming “Morning’s at Seven” – AACT (review)”

“Barefoot in the Park” at Ann Arbor Civic Theater is Hilarious Fun (Review)

I don’t think I’ve laughed at a 50 year old comedy more than I did last night at Ann Arbor Civic Theater’s production of Neil Simon’s “Barefoot in the Park” — it is a non-stop laughfest, but more than that, it is impeccably acted and directed — a must-see. Newlyweds Corie and Paul Bratter moveContinue reading ““Barefoot in the Park” at Ann Arbor Civic Theater is Hilarious Fun (Review)”

“Buyer & Cellar” – Theatre Nova – (Review) –

“Barbra’s basement is just like any other mall, except for the total lack of customers or employees.” Kudos to a remarkable performance by Sebastian Gerstner in the one-man show, “Buyer & Cellar” by Jonathan Tolins and to Theatre Nova on the launch of this new professional theater in Ann Arbor’s Yellow Barn, nicely converted intoContinue reading ““Buyer & Cellar” – Theatre Nova – (Review) –”

Better Not Say You are Bored (SE Michigan August edition 2014)

So — I don’t want to hear anyone say they are bored this august, what with all the entertainment available — one of the richest months of August I can remember… First, at the movies, get out and go see GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY…its the best thing since, well, ever…I can not recall the lastContinue reading “Better Not Say You are Bored (SE Michigan August edition 2014)”

A2CT’s Studio Theatre has Big Fun with OR, (Review)

What follows is my first Guest Review by Thalia Schramm for Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Studio Series production of ‘Or,” …since I am the Producer of this production, it wouldn’t be right for me to review the show — so I thank Thalia for taking the time to see and review the show!….And without furtherContinue reading “A2CT’s Studio Theatre has Big Fun with OR, (Review)”

AACT’s “Little Shop” is Big Entertainment (Review)

You, yeah you…you think you’ve seen enough Little Shop of Horror productions that you don’t need to see one more? Well. yeah, you really do. Because you’ve never seen Little Shop like this before. Credit director Brodie H. Brockie who has conceived a production that looks great as it moves from Black and White toContinue reading “AACT’s “Little Shop” is Big Entertainment (Review)”

“Les Miserables” at Croswell Opera House is stellar (review)

Eric Parker. I’ll come back to him in a moment, but I had to start the review with him. Over the course of the past year, almost every theater in America has performed the musical Les Miserables, and this was the 6th entirely different production of Les Mis that I have seen in that year.Continue reading ““Les Miserables” at Croswell Opera House is stellar (review)”

Lovely night of “Moonglow” at Ann Arbor Civic Theatre (Review)

There are rare evenings of theater that you want to hold onto and cherish, to remember and talk about, and to see with your loved ones…Ann Arbor Civic Theatre’s current production of Kim Carney’s Moonglow is one of those pieces. Spanning a year, it takes place in an Alzheimer’s care facility in Michigan — butContinue reading “Lovely night of “Moonglow” at Ann Arbor Civic Theatre (Review)”