101 Dalmations, the Musical — Review

There are three reasons to see 101 DALMATIONS, THE MUSICAL….1) Rachel York, 2) Rachel York, and 3) Rachel York. Playing Cruella DeVil she has enough energy for three shows — look out Glenn Close, your nemesis has arrived. Rachel York in 101 Dalmations, The Musical. Cast, kids, and Dogs in 101 Dalmations, the Musical Ok,Continue reading “101 Dalmations, the Musical — Review”

Legally Blonde, The Musical — Tour, Detroit

Legally Blonde, the musical, as any 13-year old girl knows, is the girl-power Broadway show that tells the tale of Elle Woods trip to Harvard Law School, initially to follow her ex-boyfriend, and ultimately to find success as a lawyer, find new love, and save the day for a former sorority sister accused of murder.Continue reading “Legally Blonde, The Musical — Tour, Detroit”