101 Dalmations, the Musical — Review

There are three reasons to see 101 DALMATIONS, THE MUSICAL….1) Rachel York, 2) Rachel York, and 3) Rachel York. Playing Cruella DeVil she has enough energy for three shows — look out Glenn Close, your nemesis has arrived. Rachel York in 101 Dalmations, The Musical. Cast, kids, and Dogs in 101 Dalmations, the Musical Ok,Continue reading “101 Dalmations, the Musical — Review”

No Joke, Guys & Dolls at Encore is Super

OK, let me start this by saying, I really hate the musical Guys & Dolls — it’s boring to watch, it seems endless, and it’s always more fun to perform in than to watch its (almost) three hour length. It’s overdone, and would be my last choice of a musical if I were asked toContinue reading “No Joke, Guys & Dolls at Encore is Super”