Madison at One Month

Madison has been home for one month now. She’s adjust well…although we don’t have a lot of moments like these:

Madison Lensbaby

She’s definately still a pup with all requisite puppy energy. We spend three trips outside each day to do this:

Madison - Ball!

She LOVES chasing her balls — we need to use two of them for maximum speed and distance. I wear out long before she wears out.

But she has totally made my house her home: and it’s been great to have a dog in the house again. Oh — we discovered another saving grace: PetHotel at PetSmart in Ann Arbor. When I can’t get home within 5 or 6 hours, she goes to Day Camp at PetHotel. She loves it – frolicking with up to 20 other dogs for hours on end — and I love it because she comes home and looks more like that first photo than the second one for the rest of the night! Highly recommended!

And that’s the view from Ann Arbor today…

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