“Evita” – University of Michigan Musical Theatre Program

“Evita”, currently running at the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre at the University of Michigan is a musical theatre diamond. Presented by the Musical Theatre department, it is as slick as a Broadway tour, and as tight as a college production can be. The production reaffirms that the only current professional caliber musical theatre being presented inContinue reading ““Evita” – University of Michigan Musical Theatre Program”

Bloodless, emotionless Sweeney Todd at Encore

When you drain the blood out of Sweeney Todd (the current musical at Encore Musical Theatre Company) you drain the emotion out of the piece as well. When the emotion is gone, there isn’t much to this Sondheim masterpiece. Walter O’Neil (Sweeney Todd) and Sarah Litzsinger (Mrs. Lovett) “By the Sea” Steve DeBruyne (Anthony) andContinue reading “Bloodless, emotionless Sweeney Todd at Encore”

OKLAHOMA! at Encore Musical Theatre Company

One step forward, two steps back…just when GUYS AND DOLLS and LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS started to turn the corner for professionalism, along comes OKLAHOMA, now playing at Encore Musical Theater Company, in Dexter, MI. Sebastian Gerstner as Will Parker, Sarah Litzinger as Ado Annie, and Steve DeBruyne as Ali Hakim (Photos courtesy Encore MusicalContinue reading “OKLAHOMA! at Encore Musical Theatre Company”

Professional Musical Theatre – Detroit Regional 2009-2010

Broadway is alive and well across the region during the coming musical theatre season. Note that the following list is not comprehensive, and it does not include any community theatre listings nor small venues, only professional theatre in full-sized houses. I have included UM and MSU seasons at the end. This includes Detroit musical theatreContinue reading “Professional Musical Theatre – Detroit Regional 2009-2010”

Encore’s “Little Shop of Horrors” is a Tasty Early Summer Treat

Getting better and better with every show, Encore Musical Theatre Company in Dexter, MI opened a terrific production of Little Shop of Horrors tonight. Funny, well directed, well performed, and well designed, Little Shop is an early summer treat. Steve DeBruyne plays Seymour to nerdish perfection, and I can’t say enough good things about SarahContinue reading “Encore’s “Little Shop of Horrors” is a Tasty Early Summer Treat”

What went wrong with MILK?…

With the Academy Awards fast approaching, this blog post takes a look at our Best Picture candidates…It was actually a strong year for movies, and except for the (bizarre) number of nominations for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, pretty accurate, at least in reflecting quality, as far as I’m concerned…   First, let’s discussContinue reading “What went wrong with MILK?…”