Fiendishly Marvelous “Sweeney Todd” at Encore Musical Theatre Company (Review)

Sondheim’s “Sweeney Todd” is back at the Encore Musical Theatre Company, and it has arrived with a vengeance. You better get your tickets right now before the word of mouth and rave reviews send sales soaring — as best they should for this superior production. Set in a 40’s London factory, Encore’s players “tell theContinue reading “Fiendishly Marvelous “Sweeney Todd” at Encore Musical Theatre Company (Review)”

Assassins at Encore Musical Theatre Company is can’t miss musical theater (review)

Photo by Michele Anliker Every now and again, my role as a musical theater director and reviewer compels me to launch into teaching mode — and that mode was fully activated while watching the breathtaking production of Assassins at Encore Musical Theatre Company that opened last night. See it because you owe yourself a chance toContinue reading “Assassins at Encore Musical Theatre Company is can’t miss musical theater (review)”

Merrily We Roll Along – Menier Chocolate Factory US screening (review)

First, thank you to Fathom Productions for bringing the West End musical version of Sondheim’s Merrily We Roll Along to American audiences — sold out in NYC, 30 people in the theater here in Ann Arbor… its a great risk, and a tremendous thank you. Second — I directed this same version of the showContinue reading “Merrily We Roll Along – Menier Chocolate Factory US screening (review)”

Encore has Company (review)

Stephen Sondheim and George Furth’s musical Company is now onstage at Dexter’s Encore, with some wonderful casting and a great vocal and acting performance by Steve DeBruyne. Seen at the final preview, the cast is strong, and they sound great. The couples work well together. Sonja Marquis and Greg Bailey are a fun Sarah andContinue reading “Encore has Company (review)”

Dreary “A Little Night Music” – Broadway, Review

Study this picture: If that set design looks good to you, evokes romanticism, and draws you in , by all sakes go see the revival of A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC at the Walter Kerr Theatre. It is, incidentally, the same set you will be staring at for three long hours. A transfer from London’s MenierContinue reading “Dreary “A Little Night Music” – Broadway, Review”

Bloodless, emotionless Sweeney Todd at Encore

When you drain the blood out of Sweeney Todd (the current musical at Encore Musical Theatre Company) you drain the emotion out of the piece as well. When the emotion is gone, there isn’t much to this Sondheim masterpiece. Walter O’Neil (Sweeney Todd) and Sarah Litzsinger (Mrs. Lovett) “By the Sea” Steve DeBruyne (Anthony) andContinue reading “Bloodless, emotionless Sweeney Todd at Encore”