Encore’s Extraordinary “Into the Woods” (review)

There is probably very little I can say that hasn’t already been written about Encore Musical Theatre Company’s Into the Woods — simply, it’s brilliant, original, and the best musical they have presented. I, for one can tell you that I am sick and tired of Into the Woods — I’ve seen every one of itsContinue reading “Encore’s Extraordinary “Into the Woods” (review)”

Outstanding “The Last 5 Years” at Encore (Review)

Steve DeBruyne (Jamie) and Thalia Schramm (Cathy) turn in two excellent performances in Encore’s current offering, Jason Robert Brown’s “The Last 5 Years”. These two performers sing-through 75 minutes of intermission-less ballads, pop songs, and story songs to tell the tale of a 5-year relationship;  her tale beginning at story’s end and working backwards, hisContinue reading “Outstanding “The Last 5 Years” at Encore (Review)”

Forever Plaid at Encore is terrific entertainment (review)

Forever Plaid, which opened tonight at the Encore Musical Theater Company in Dexter, will bring you “plaid tidings”, um, you’ll be “plaid you went”, er…you’ll “boldy go where no plaid has gone before”…. Yeah, okay, it’s that kind of show…and it is terrific. The actors are wonderful, the scenic design spiffy, and the entire eveningContinue reading “Forever Plaid at Encore is terrific entertainment (review)”

“Nevermore” at Encore (Review)

  Simply put, Encore Musical Theatre Company’s “Nevermore” is the best production they have presented. Period. Dan Cooney is exceptional in a role he originally created for the Signature Theater in Arlington, and here both stars and directs. And he is surrounded by a terrific supporting cast of five women. Weaving lyrics adopted from theContinue reading ““Nevermore” at Encore (Review)”

Terrific DeBruyne, Cuppone, and Hissong in “Damn Yankees” Encore Theater, Dexter.

This isn’t really a review. I just wanted to take a moment to say that I had the opportunity to see “Damn Yankees” at Encore Musical Theater in Dexter last night. I thought special mention must be made of the excellent work that Steve DeBruyne (Joe), MaryJo Cuppone (Lola), and Tobin Hissong (Applegate) turn inContinue reading “Terrific DeBruyne, Cuppone, and Hissong in “Damn Yankees” Encore Theater, Dexter.”

Encore’s “Little Shop of Horrors” is a Tasty Early Summer Treat

Getting better and better with every show, Encore Musical Theatre Company in Dexter, MI opened a terrific production of Little Shop of Horrors tonight. Funny, well directed, well performed, and well designed, Little Shop is an early summer treat. Steve DeBruyne plays Seymour to nerdish perfection, and I can’t say enough good things about SarahContinue reading “Encore’s “Little Shop of Horrors” is a Tasty Early Summer Treat”