Michigan Shakespeare Festival 2015 — Ready to go!

Hello fellow Shakespeare lovers! You know me as the owner/reviewer of my blog — A2View.com…but I wear other hats as well…I own and work as a neuropsychologist at BrainTrainers Brain Injury Day Program…I direct (coming up: Bonnie & Clyde for Encore Musical Theatre Company)…I perform (this summer as Mr. Simmons in Memphis the musical atContinue reading “Michigan Shakespeare Festival 2015 — Ready to go!”

Goodbye Disaster Transport (Avalanche Run) Cedar Point 2012

It’s been a long time coming — and Disaster Transport (nee Avalanche Run) will offer its last toboggan run on Sunday July 29th. The ride is slated for demolition (along with Space Spiral a few weeks later) to make room for next season’s new B&M-manufactured wing coaster. Built in 1985, Avalanche Run opened with greatContinue reading “Goodbye Disaster Transport (Avalanche Run) Cedar Point 2012”

Ride the Paddlewheel at Cedar Point (2012)….No, it’s not what you think…

So, as you most likely know (or if not, here’s the scoop) Cedar Point closed down the Paddlewheel Excursion last year to make way for this year’s Dinosaur’s Alive! animatronic display on Adventure Island (nee Millennium Island)…but that’s not the only Paddlewheel in town at The Point… One of the ORIGINAL Paddlewheels (from the 70’s)Continue reading “Ride the Paddlewheel at Cedar Point (2012)….No, it’s not what you think…”

Dancap announces Toronto Musical Theater Tour Season 2012

Dancap announces their 2012 Musical Theater Touring Season in Toronto — Note that Dancap is the up-and-rising direct competitor to Mirvish Productions. Most of its productions are presented at the stellar Centre for the Performing Arts in North York (nee Ford Centre for the Performing Arts).  Dancap is particularly known for its longterm sitdown productions suchContinue reading “Dancap announces Toronto Musical Theater Tour Season 2012”

Paris, September 2009 — and Glee!!

Fleeing Ann Arbor for a week to visit beloved Paris, it felt good to have a break where absolutely nothing was planned, just whatever came my way — and lots did; including Disneyland Paris; Versailles; The Louvre; the Musee D’Orsay; restaurants; a day floating down the Seine; some shopping; and other general Parisian-type things. IContinue reading “Paris, September 2009 — and Glee!!”