Cedar Point Live Entertainment 2014

Cedar Point’s summer season is off to a good start — with one of its best Live shows in over a decade: Lusty Lil’s at the Palace in Frontiertown scores points for the best entertainment CP has seen in years. Following the “Wild West” theme, while using almost no older music and mostly pop andContinue reading “Cedar Point Live Entertainment 2014”

Cedar Point Live Shows 2013 (Review)

Another summer of live shows is in full swing at Cedar Point, and it continues to offer the best overall live-park show entertainment outside of Walt Disney World’s theme parks. This year’s offerings are no exception. Summer Daze at the Palace Theater in Frontiertown offers a front-of-the-park quality show at the back-of-the-park. This is theContinue reading “Cedar Point Live Shows 2013 (Review)”

Goodbye Disaster Transport (Avalanche Run) Cedar Point 2012

It’s been a long time coming — and Disaster Transport (nee Avalanche Run) will offer its last toboggan run on Sunday July 29th. The ride is slated for demolition (along with Space Spiral a few weeks later) to make room for next season’s new B&M-manufactured wing coaster. Built in 1985, Avalanche Run opened with greatContinue reading “Goodbye Disaster Transport (Avalanche Run) Cedar Point 2012”