Paris, September 2009 — and Glee!!

Fleeing Ann Arbor for a week to visit beloved Paris, it felt good to have a break where absolutely nothing was planned, just whatever came my way — and lots did; including Disneyland Paris; Versailles; The Louvre; the Musee D’Orsay; restaurants; a day floating down the Seine; some shopping; and other general Parisian-type things. I don’t know which trip this was, but my current passport has 14 admissions to France; I’d have to find my old Passport somewhere to see how many are on there — but I’m venturing this was about my 20th trip to Paris.

Versailles was pretty as a post card the day we went. I stayed with my friend Michele, who had the opportunity to hang out with me all week!…But it was all wonderful to just go from experience to experience as it came. We had lots of coffee on the way; some Berthillion Ice Cream one night, and our favorite pizza a couple nights too.

Being mostly a musical theatre blog, I should probably take a moment to say that the current musical theatre scene in Paris is BLEAK — Elton John’s The Lion King (Le Roi Lion) is back for it’s yearly appearance; and the umpteenth tour of the British Grease is back in town.

All in all, a fantastic get-away…and what a surprise to get home, watch GLEE on the DVR, and find that John Lloyd Young was among the guest stars in the Acafellas (with an addiction to cold medicine!)….And Vocal Adrenaline’s Mercy number was a gem. Despite the fact that almost every single one of the “teens” at this Lima, OH high school is at least 12 years too old for the part, its still the smartest, funniest, and quirkiest show of the season. In a dream world, I’d be watching Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone, and Glee on alternate nights — as it stands, GLEE is the only creative new show of the season. Lets hope it doesn’t get cancelled as fast as PD and ES. “I bust the windows out yer car”…ha! I want to cameo on the show, just like Josh Groban got to do.

And now that I’m back in Ann Arbor, things are back to normal…Let’s see how long the good buzz from this vacation lasts — I give it a week.

By the way, the new Paris photos are at:

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