What I learned from Smash (if I didn’t know anything about theater)

If I didn’t know anything about theater, Broadway, or musical theater, here is what I would have taken away from the now-cancelled series SMASH which ended its run last night on NBC: The girl that doesn’t act, look, sing, or dance like Marilyn will get cast as Marilyn because she was on American Idol. EveryoneContinue reading “What I learned from Smash (if I didn’t know anything about theater)”

SMASH is back, and its as infuriating as ever…

Reviewed after screening the first three hours of the new season (NBC has telecast to the first two hours this week). Well, Smash is back on NBC, and your like (or dislike) of the show will directly relate to a) your ability to tolerate Katharine McPhee, b) your enjoyment of musical theater as a whole,Continue reading “SMASH is back, and its as infuriating as ever…”

Will America buy “Smash”? – NBC – Pilot episode (review)

Your going to love it or your going to hate it, but there isn’t anyone that will be able to say that SMASH isn’t slick, well-produced, and professional when it comes to musical numbers. It’s no GLEE (thankfully); but will America buy into a show about creating a Broadway show? In the pilot episode, (toContinue reading “Will America buy “Smash”? – NBC – Pilot episode (review)”