The Addams Family musical – Chicago (Review) – Funky fun!

Before even commencing with a review, let me state three things. 1) I LOVED this new musical and had a great time. 2) You will either love it or find yourself being indifferent to it depending on your level of a) appreciation for great performances, music, and stagecraft, and b) your tolerance for quirky lunacy.Continue reading “The Addams Family musical – Chicago (Review) – Funky fun!”

Superb cast salvages “The Producers” at Croswell Opera House

First — there are huge fans of Mel Brooks’ musical THE PRODUCERS, and there are those who are not (me) 12 Tonys notwithstanding (I voted for “The Full Monty”). It’s an actor’s dream to perform these roles — its another task entirely to sit for three hours in an audience being inundated with mean-spiritedness. TheContinue reading “Superb cast salvages “The Producers” at Croswell Opera House”