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How to watch Downton Abbey Season 4 in the USA before January September 28, 2013

Posted by ronannarbor in Entertainment, Gizmos, TV.

As you are probably aware, the hit British series Downton Abbey airs in the US beginning in January, though the new episodes are currently showing in the UK. These are streamed for 28 days following each showing, but you can’t access the players from the US as it is “locked out”.

Until now.

With the program “Tunnelbear”, you can (for a nominal cost, either 5.00  monthly or 49.00 once per year) trick your PC or Mac into presenting itself as whatever country you want. You can get it here: http://tunnelbear.com

You simply download, install, and when you are ready to watch Downton Abbey (or other British shows) you click the “on” button in your menu for the program, and turn to the country you want.

Then go to https://www.itv.com/itvplayer/downton-abbey/ — click on the episode you want, and viola!

Note: This is the program that I use (there are also Apps for the iPhone and the iPad and for Android devices) and your use of this software is subject to your own security precautions. Works fine on the Mac. There are also other streaming video sites that allow you to watch, but this one seems to be the “cleanest” and easiest by far.

NOTE: turn OFF your mail (especially if you are using gmail or have mail push enabled) on your computer and your mobile devices until after you are done viewing — it will send out security alerts to Gmail in particular which will cause you to reset your passwords. JUST TURN IT OFF UNTIL DONE. After you have finished with Tunnelbear and turned it off  you an reconnect to your mail and you are good to go. You’ve been warned.


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