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Charming “My Future Boyfriend” – ABC Family (review) April 10, 2011

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Ok, it’s not “art”, but it’s heartwarming and family friendly (though maybe not for the under 10’s because of the talk of “sex and lust” although it doesn’t show any of it).  What it is, instead, is a charming, somewhat predictable, and well-acted movie presented by ABC Family.

Sara Rue and Barry Watson play the conflicted couple here — Barry a fish-out-of-water traveling from the future to find the writer of the book he has found in archeological dig that talks of lust, passion, and love a thousand years earlier. That’s the McGuffin for what ends up being a warm family movie about accepting differences, finding the things you like in others, and finding “the one” that speaks to your own passions.

There are fine supporting performances by Fred Williard and Valerie Harper, and the whole thing has the air of an old-fashioned made-for-tv caper like those many of us grew up with in the 70’s and 80’s. There’s a short sequence with a chase scene in a garage that steals gimmicks, lines, and even car ballet moves from movies you will recall from your youth. It’s not all bad.

But in the end, Barry and Sara’s natural chemistry together is what sparks this above most family made-for-tv fare.

One note: DVR this — the entire movie is about 60 minutes long, but it’s padded by ABC Family to 102 minutes with the added 52 minutes of commercials. DVR and fast forward and you will have yourself a fun hour of easy going sci-fi romantic comedy.

Wash it down with a viewing of “Tangled” on PPV, and you’ll have yourself a dandy date night.


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