Kyle Bornheimer — Someone please get this guy a good script!

The latest in a rash of really really really bad scripts has at least landed Kyle Bornheimer back on tv…even if Perfect Couples is probably the worst NBC sitcom ever, and I do mean ever…

But at least he’s working.

I don’t know if Kyle’s agent is just really bad, or if there is some sort of lapse decision making process at play here, but this guy should be a television superstar by now. Instead, he’s appeared in such mega-blockbuster’s as “Romantically Challenged” (6 episodes) and “Worst Week” (16 episodes, not all of them aired in Detroit). His best script to date has been a Beneful Commercial. Isn’t that sad?

Now comes the abysmal, and I do mean abysmal, Perfect Couples. If this lasts 6 episodes it will merely be to burn off the initial order of taped episodes. Don’t look for it to be back after the 6 weeks, and possibly disappear before that. I’m not going to even waste another full sentence to try to review the mess…

But enjoy Kyle while you can — he’s charismatic, has perfect comedic timing, and is charming to boot. He’s also the only spark of life in any of the recent sitcoms he has appeared in. Now somebody PLEASE get him a real script in a real show…and then watch his popularity skyrocket.

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