How a warehouse became “Spring Awakening” (Stagecraft)

Every now and then everything comes together in the right venue in the right way at the right time — such is the current production of SPRING AWAKENING I have just directed for 4th Wall in Jackson (it runs through March 25th). The comments we’ve heard most consistently during this remarkable run so far areContinue reading “How a warehouse became “Spring Awakening” (Stagecraft)”

Shrek; 9 to 5; Billy Elliot — Broadway Musicals

While on a quick weekend trip to NYC this weekend, I had the opportunity to see three top notch musicals, all of them adaptations of movie screenplays…and surprise of surprises not one of them was a clunker — Like The Wedding Singer and Legally Blonde the past few seasons, ¬†Shrek, 9 to 5, and BillyContinue reading “Shrek; 9 to 5; Billy Elliot — Broadway Musicals”