“Leap Year” is predictable, light, and ultimately a “crock ‘o shyte” (Updated)

OK, off the bat, this is a solid B movie with a horrible script and two great performances. That being said, this is a movie you have already seen — many times. Let me tell you off the bat, the Girl gets the Boy in the end — the right one. How they get thereContinue reading ““Leap Year” is predictable, light, and ultimately a “crock ‘o shyte” (Updated)”

Who’s that Boy?….could 2009 be the year…

Today’s blog — breakout actors for 2009…some are better known than others, but here’s my personal rundown… Let’s start with Yvan Pedneault….currently starring as Galileo in We Will Rock You in Toronto, Yvan has had lead after lead in French and English, from Roger in RENT to Linda Lamay’s UN ETERNEL HIVER…and his first CDContinue reading “Who’s that Boy?….could 2009 be the year…”