AACT’s “Little Shop” is Big Entertainment (Review)

You, yeah you…you think you’ve seen enough Little Shop of Horror productions that you don’t need to see one more? Well. yeah, you really do. Because you’ve never seen Little Shop like this before. Credit director Brodie H. Brockie who has conceived a production that looks great as it moves from Black and White toContinue reading “AACT’s “Little Shop” is Big Entertainment (Review)”

Lovely night of “Moonglow” at Ann Arbor Civic Theatre (Review)

There are rare evenings of theater that you want to hold onto and cherish, to remember and talk about, and to see with your loved ones…Ann Arbor Civic Theatre’s current production of Kim Carney’s Moonglow is one of those pieces. Spanning a year, it takes place in an Alzheimer’s care facility in Michigan — butContinue reading “Lovely night of “Moonglow” at Ann Arbor Civic Theatre (Review)”