CALM law not being enforced and not being followed by TV stations

Remember last December when the CALM act was passed?….That law that says that television commercials can not be played at higher decibels than the actual tv show?….

Well, it worked for about two weeks, and then it was universally ignored by almost all television stations and its next to impossible to enforce.

It appears that the law is only enforced if consumers file complaints to the government (the same one that can’t manage to come up with a budget or get anything else done for that matter), similar to the Do Not Call list — and we all know how well that works.

Filing a complaint is ridiculously hard — you can’t just report the tv station and the show, you have to list every single commercial, the time, the date, the show, the station, etc….its nearly impossible to file the complaint unless you sit in front of your tv and log every single piece of data over the course of an hour — and frankly, nobody is doing it.

So the CALM act basically went out the window.  And there’s your random Tidbit for tonight (as I sit watching ABC Family and the commercials are easily twice as loud as the movie I’m watching as judged by the number of marks I need to decrease the volume during commercials on my remote.)

To file a violation complaint, see this website and links to the correct websites:


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