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A reminder on reviews October 25, 2022

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I am usually overwhelmed with requests to review shows in SE Michigan. I can only review a limited number per month. Just a rundown on reviews:

I review primarily musicals, but occasionally plays are not out of the question. In general I need to want to see the show, so that usually excludes smaller works that have not been produced on Broadway or hold some unique quality.

I am happy to accept a pair of comps but I traditionally pay for my own tickets. Attendance does not guarantee a review.

If you are a professional theater I will review the show good or bad. If you are an amateur theater I will review it if it is of top quality and deserves a review. I will traditionally not review amateur theater that is not of top quality. I will rarely if ever review educational theater unless it’s a college theater preparatory program.

Finally, I will neither attend nor review productions where masks are required as neither the CDC nor AEA require them at this time. This impacts only a small handful of theaters still enforcing antiquated protocols.

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