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A quick note on reviews – or, why I didn’t review your show July 13, 2013

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Just a reminder that I do not review every musical that opens in SE Michigan, but you can be sure that I will review every professional musical tour that comes through and all Broadway musicals in NYC each year.

I do not review community theater shows, or amateur theater production unless I specifically want to see the show. Then I might or might not write a review. In general, these will only end up with a review if the production was stellar. There is no reason to give a bad review to an amateur production, but there is plenty of reason to praise things that are above the norm.

I will never review shows done in inappropriate venues (I don’t care how good your cast might be in that blackbox production of Phantom of the Opera. I will not be seeing it.) I rarely attend these productions, and if I do, it is only to see a friend, or because a close friend is somehow involved in the production.

I never accept free tickets to review shows, and I pay for every production that I want to see. Frankly, there’s a lot I don’t want to see.




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