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Should I upgrade by iPad 3 to the iPad 4? October 28, 2012

Posted by ronannarbor in Apple.
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No. If you already have an iPad 3, do not upgrade to the iPad 4 unless you just have money burning in your pocket.

For all practical purposes, there is nothing different between the two except for a slightly faster processor (no practical application, you won’t notice the difference)…a better camera for FaceTime (do you even use that? Does anybody use that?)…and a new dock connector (you have to buy and purchase adapters for all of your  old iAppliances)…

The iPad 4 is what Apple considers a “refresh” product — a boost in internal functioning, not change in form or features. In fact if you have an iPad 3, I don’t expect you will need to look at a serious upgrade until October 2013, since Apple seems to be shifting to a fall release date for the iPad to increase holiday sales. In essence, you will get more value and more time out of your iPad 3 than any other version to date at the same high powerful specs.


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