Outback Steakhouse changes Prime Rib recipe — tastes like crap

I don’t normally do much writing about things non musical-theater related on my blog, but since I am getting thousands of hits a week, I felt it was my duty to warn of a recent development at my beloved Outback Steakhouse.

Outback Steakhouse has changed the recipe for its prime rib — the same recipe that we have all known and loved for the past thirty years. It now has a thick, black rub applied to the exterior that is “herb based” according to my server, but which is basically just lots of pepper and rosemarie. The prime rib, no kidding, tastes like a slab of evergreen tree thrown on the plate, and it looks awful.

Gone is the decades-proven very lightly smoked flavoring with no rub…that prime rib used to call my name every Sunday afternoon for years and years. Goodbye dear friend.

In short, the new recipe tastes like crap, and I won’t be ordering it again. Don’t be fooled by the servers who say “it’s a great new recipe and I love it!”. When I asked three separate servers today if they had been instructed to say that, they said yes, and all three agreed that it is not as good.

And it tastes like crap. Stay away. You have been warned. Stick with the other entrees at Outback Steakhouse. I’ve written to Outback’s corporate. I suggest others do the same. Otherwise, this crappy tasting “new normal” is here to stay.  You can contact Outback Steakhouse here:  http://www.outback.com/contactus/generalcomment.aspx


5 thoughts on “Outback Steakhouse changes Prime Rib recipe — tastes like crap

  1. I could not agree more. They must have hired the same person who changed the coke recipe.

  2. Be sure to contact their corporate at the address above….when I did, I got a personal call back from the local manager of our Outback…he offered a free dinner…I told him I wanted a prime rib dinner…but not THIS prime rib….

  3. Does anybody have the original Recipe and has it been Changed back? I haven’t been Since it was Changed.

  4. No, they no longer carry the original recipe at all. Apparently they are not going back to. Apparently, there are plenty of people who don’t like the new recipe since this blog post has had 340,000 hits since I posted it….

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