The Polar Express is the worst Christmas movie ever.

“I may be just an old railroader but”…The Polar Express movie (2004) is one of the worst Christmas movies ever. 1. The CGI, while relatively good for the train and the scenery, is horrible with faces. As a result, the people all look, well, creepy. Tom Hanks and Josh Hutcherson notwithstanding, its frigging terrible. 2.Continue reading “The Polar Express is the worst Christmas movie ever.”

Practically Perfect “Mary Poppins Returns” (review)

The greatly awaited Mary Poppins Returns has opened – and despite a few mis-steps, it is another instant Disney classic and one of the best pictures of the year. Picking up a few decades after the original, Michael and Jane Banks are all grown up – he’s a bank teller but wannabe artist, and she’sContinue reading “Practically Perfect “Mary Poppins Returns” (review)”